A HUGE thank you to all of the VERY generous donors to our OTB Open demo fundraiser! The Guts family is truly amazing and we appreciate your support in helping us grow the sport.
If you have yet to donate, please click here if you are able to and would like to. We still need some money to get all of our costs covered, but we're moving forward with some out-of-pocket costs for our demo team in order to ensure that we make this event happen.
And without further ado, we have selected these seven World Champions to travel to Stockton, CA to demonstrate Guts Frisbee at the OTB Open Disc Golf Pro Tour event:
Alex Tews
Josh Tews
Jonathan Luedke
Ryan Scott
Michael Banghart
William Walden
Luke Lahtinen
We also have some other Guts players traveling to this event on their own dime to help promote our sport and we have a professional videographer committed to being on-site and getting footage.
Finally, a SUPER HUGE thank you to Discovering the World, who offered to donate 300 Guts Frisbees to be given away at this event. Discovering the World is an incredible supporter of all disc sports and we highly recommend that you make your next Frisbee purchase through them as a way of thanking them for this gesture. Because of DTW, three hundred(!) people in attendance at the OTB Open Guts Demo will walk away with a brand new Guts Frisbee. So thank you again, Danelle and the team, for making this happen so that we can continue to grow our great sport.