What is a guts club?
Typically we name it after our local city, town, or village. Everyone you play with, scrimmage with, and/or practice GUTS with regularly!

By creating or registering your club/group with the GUTS Players Association you will gain tools to help your local group thrive!

We will provide your club its own section on our website to chat, post, socialize and coordinate.

We will add your club's practice location to the GUTS Map.

Your club will be recognized by your country's GUTS federation!.

We will help your new club get started: Learning materials, real people to discuss rules or tips with, send you GUTS packages (varies by country), and personal visits from GUTS players from other clubs!

*Minimum of 3 players required to form a club
(Hint: use the name of your city or region name)
Please enter an address and description of where you typically play GUTS