It's official. The next generation of Guts is here. 

The 2022 season introduced some new legends in the making. The athletes that started playing while in high school have matured to become some of the best Guts playes in the game now. Whiskey Disc, a team out of Marquette, MI created by Derek Stone and Trevor "Burt" Bratonia, put the sport on notice by winning Wisco, the IFT, and the US Nationals before losing in the finals at USGO to Frisbeast. They were one win away from sweeping the majors. 

Now we have a clean slate and a new team with a target on their backs. Can Whiskey Disc complete the series sweep this season? Is this the year that Shottlebop takes down the IFT? Can the Boomtown Saints recapture the magic? Will Wolfpack claim their first major?

There is only one way to find out. 

Catch ya on tour.